Foundation of Cornerstone Communities

Our Purpose

The Foundation of Cornerstone Communities will support initiatives and programs that directly impact the everyday health and vitality of residents of all ages in the region served by the Guttenberg Municipal Hospital & Clinics including the clinic communities of Guttenberg, Garnavillo and Edgewood.

Why Now?

Thanks to years of leadership by the elected board, dedicated physicians and staff, loyal patients and hard-working GMHC Auxiliary members, the capital needs of the hospital and clinic are currently being met. The Foundation of Cornerstone Communities sets out to meet a distinct and different challenge.

Our rural communities, like most, are shrinking.  The future of healthcare in the region we serve will be driven by growing our population in the decade to come. We believe the most effective way to grow our population tomorrow is to build healthy vibrant communities today. Learn more.

Our Plan

The Foundation of Cornerstone Communities will seek out relationships with community leaders in the region and provide grants to partner organizations that undertake bold new steps to:

  • Strengthen and grow recreational and social activities which support everyday health and vitality of residents
  • Drive community efforts to support local entrepreneurs who share our mission to promote a healthy & vibrant community
  • Celebrate and enhance the historic and authentic character and sense of place of our communities, such as revitalizing signature structures


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