Skilled Care

Skilled Care allows patients to receive extended care at Guttenberg Municipal Hospital. Once acute (short-term) hospital care is no longer needed, patients may still require care not easily or safely provided at home. GMHC Skilled Care will help you reach your highest potential for health and independence prior to going home. To learn more contact our Care Coordinator: 563-252-5522

Who is Eligible?

Most Skilled Care admissions require a 3-day acute inpatient hospital stay within the last 30 days. Patients who require specialized skilled care on a daily basis may benefit. Care includes nursing staff, physical, occupational, speech or respiratory therapy. Patients who are unsure if they can return home safely may benefit from Skilled Care. Call us at 563-252-5522 to see if you qualify.

Patients Who May Benefit from Skilled Care Services:

  • Recent stroke
  • Recent cardiac event
  • Orthopedic injuries or joint replacement surgery
  • Extensive wound care
  • Need for IV antibiotics or medications
  • Complicated hospital stay with subsequent loss of functional independence


I’m so thankful for the GMHC staff who lovingly cared for me during my stay in Skilled Care. It was such a fun & comfortable healing setting. Maureen, Skilled Care Patient


Care Patients Will Receive:

  • 24 hour nursing care
  • A physician will follow the patient’s care every 14 days or as needed
  • Pharmacy staff is available to review medicines, give input to the team about treatment and answer questions patients may have about medications. Patients should bring their medications in the original bottles
  • The patient may bring their own pajamas, robe and slippers or GMHC can provide if requested. If part of the patient’s therapy plan is to practice dressing it may be helpful to have the patient’s own clothing
  • Assistance in arranging follow-up services for all patients

Additional Services:

Activity Coordinator: All Skilled Care patients are visited by an Activity Coordinator who will determine their interests and help to keep them engaged and active during their stay at the hospital.

Social Services: A Social Worker visits the patients weekly to identify the social and emotional needs of the patient. The social worker works with the patient, their family, and the GMHC staff to coordinate the needs of the patient.

Transition of Care Planning:

GMHC staff will work closely with patients and families to determine the needs the patient may have after discharge. We can help with making arrangements for services such as living arrangements, home medical equipment, home health care, and other outpatient services. Our multidisciplinary team, lead by a physician and including our social worker, care coordinator, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, pharmacist and nurse, will meet with patient to discuss and coordinate their transition from the hospital to the home setting.

For More Information About Skilled Care:

Contact us by calling our Social Worker at 563-252-5521 or email

Or by calling our Care Coordinator at 563-252-5522 or email








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