Specialty Clinics

You don’t have to travel far for outstanding specialty care. Guttenberg Municipal Hospital has specialty-trained doctors here, where you need them. You can come to GMH for expertise and compassionate patient-centered care in a comfortable, convenient environment.

See the Specialty Clinic by clicking link below.

Specialty Clinic Calendar for December

Meet Our Specialists


Tauseef Khan, MD
(563) 589-2557

Rami Eltibi, MD
(800) 648-6868

R.S. Ramabadran, MD
(800) 648-6868

Ear, Nose & Throat

Charles Parker, MD
(800) 648-6868


Timothy Daley, MD
(563) 584-4415

Juan Nieto, MD
(563) 582-0769

David Auer, OD
(563) 582-0769


Stephen Pierotti, MD
(800) 793-8138


Michael Arnz, DPM
(563) 557-5930

Nicole Jedlicka, DPM
(563) 557-5930

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