Help Us Save Lives this Holiday Season

This week’s article comes from me, Tim Ahlers, CEO at GMHC. As she and our other providers tirelessly care for our patients, I’d like to start off my message by thanking Dr. Michele Dikkers. She has diligently written 33 articles to keep the communities we serve up to date on this pandemic. Her first article entitled “Protect Yourself” was published on April 1, 2020. And now, here we are 7 months later with yet another plea to protect yourself and your loved ones as we approach the holidays.

COVID-19 has hit the communities we serve, and it has hit hard. Guttenberg has become a hot spot. Our dedicated staff is doing their best to take care of patients, but they are exhausted. We need YOU to help us save lives.

How can you help us save lives?

Statistics show that 80% of infected people are below the age of 60. Perhaps this is your son or daughter, granddaughter or grandson, niece or nephew.

Statistics also show that 90% of people who die of COVID-19 are above age 60. Maybe this is your mom or dad, uncle or aunt, grandma or grandpa. 

Protect your loved ones this holiday season. I respect tradition, but think twice about the big celebration. Prepare a meal for those who live under your roof. 

Does it sound like that is too hard for you? Our health care professionals are doing REALLY hard work right here at GMHC. We’re trying our best to save the lives of your loved ones. And we’re hoping the choices you make this holiday season will make our work a little easier.

Help us save lives. Always mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands.


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