Now What?

By Dr. Michele Dikkers, Physician at Cornerstone Family Practice and GMHC, Chair of Clayton County Board of Health

Now what?

The governor has changed the status of restrictions for 77 Iowa counties, including Clayton County.  What does that mean?  What can we do now?  What SHOULD we do now?

Though restrictions are being loosened, we need to remember the important things we have learned over the past 6 weeks:

– continue to practice social distancing, stay 6 feet apart
– wash hands frequently
– remember to stay at home when sick
– if you don’t need to go out, don’t
– if you have to go out, wear a mask
– stay home if you’re high risk

The Govenor has stated she has faith in Iowans that they will do the responsible thing.  Does that describe how you are approaching the guidelines and lifestyle changes that go along with the new world of COVID-19?

Raise your hand if you have a mask?

OK, now raise your hand if you wear it when you leave your house.

If you currently have the opportunity to be at work, raise your hand if you wear a mask at work, especially if you work with the public.

Now as some of the restrictions have been lifted, remember, that does not mean that all of the restrictions have been lifted. There are still expectations as described above.  But remember to reach out to those in your life.  Call the bank to ask questions, call for delivery of groceries or curb side pick up, have lunch delivered, or call your doctors office and make an appointment—it may be at a “Well clinic”, it may be a telemedicine visit, it may be a phone visit.  Call a friend and a family member every day, just to see how they are doing.

It is important at this time to reach out to the essential people in your life.  Pick up that phone, after all, that is why Alexander Graham Bell invented it!

Please remember to wear a mask when you leave your home and when working with the public.  It makes a difference, it helps make our job easier.  Thank you.

Remember, we are in this together.


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