SHIIP Counselor Saves Clients Thousands

Lisa Manson, Tracy Kregel, Lynn Bockenstedt, Jim Solomon, Kari Harbaugh and Rose Boardman at the Family Resource Center, Guttenberg.

Jim Solomon may be retired, but he’s found a way to stay busy by helping others save money.  

Jim is a Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) Volunteer Counselor, providing free-of-charge counseling and information to people with questions about Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance, long term care insurance, and other health insurance. 

Jim just wrapped up his second year in his SHIIP Counselor role at the Family Resource Center in Guttenberg, and the numbers are impressive! In 2019, Jim assisted 205 clients to save a grand total of $108,843. This accomplishment took some time, in fact, Jim logged in 264 hours and 45 minutes of face-to-face time, all as a volunteer.


“I donate my time because I enjoy helping others. My training equips me to dig in deep to help people with their questions and problems, and to save them the most money possible,” said Jim.


In 2018 Jim completed an extensive SHIIP six day training program with the State of Iowa Insurance Division in Des Moines. In addition, he keeps up on current changes to Medicare. Jim has made many connections to outside resources and is not afraid to pick up the phone and call for clients, especially when other challenges are presented.


“The SHIIP training was a lot of work, and staying updated is a continual process, but I’m very thankful for this opportunity to stay busy in my retirement. Saving people money is very fulfilling, but visiting with and getting to know them is an added bonus,” said Jim.


In addition to people from Clayton County, Jim’s 205 clients consisted of seasonal travelers and people in other counties who heard about how great Jim was to work with. He even made visits to people in the hospital to offer his assistance. 


“Jim is a wonderful asset to our community,” said Family Resource Center Coordinator Kari Harbaugh. “He is very knowledgeable about Medicare and will do all he can to assist clients in saving money, some he’s saved over thousands of dollars for. We appreciate his dedication to helping others.”


Although Open Enrollment is over, Jim’s work goes on throughout the year. If you have questions regarding Medicare, please call the Family Resource Center, 563-252-3215, for a one-on-one appointment with Jim. He will answer questions and provide impartial information to help you make well informed decisions.


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