Emergency Department Provider Care at GMHC

ED Provider Shelly Klein, DNP

Advanced practice providers at Guttenberg Municipal Hospital & Clinics are equipped to deliver the very best care to individuals in need of emergency care.

Advanced practice providers include nurse practitioners and physician assistants who independently and collaboratively work alongside physicians to provide high quality, comprehensive care to patients. Advanced practice providers have received additional medical training including classroom and clinical training to receive masters or doctorate degrees. 

At Guttenberg Municipal Hospitals & Clinics (GMHC), advanced practice providers (APPs) are employed in the emergency department to cover all your emergent needs 24/7, 365 days a year. The APPs at GMHC stay in-house at the hospital to be ready to care for individuals at a moments notice. The APPs in the emergency department oftentimes collaborate with an on-call physician to discuss cases and decide the best plan of care for a patient; including transfer of care to another facility capable of providing a higher level of care or admission to GMHC if this is appropriate. 

Sometimes your follow-up care may require specialty care, such as orthopedic care for fractured bones. The APPs at GMHC will oftentimes speak with these specialty providers, while you are still a patient in the emergency department, to discuss the best course of treatment and follow-up prior to your discharge from the emergency department. 

In addition to phone consultation with providers, GMHC has the resources to discuss cases live with a board certified emergency room physician via our telemedicine connection. EAvera is a telemedicine service that allows the APPs at GMHC to consult with an emergency department physician via a television screen and microphone to provide additional guidance as needed for cases that may be life threatening or rarely encountered as a provider. 

The advanced practice providers at GMHC are ready to provide the very best emergency care to individuals in their time of need.


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