How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Wellness

Hoping to get caught up on your ZZZZZZZ’s?

Studies show that sleeping in for an hour or two on the weekend doesn’t really make up for the lost time. Sleep deprivation leads to something called “sleep-debt,” the difference in the amount of sleep that you need and the amount of sleep that you are actually getting. Sleep debt can contribute to your physical wellness.

Lack of sleep can make us grumpy and foggy, and it can also affect your ability to lose weight. Being overweight can put you at significant risk for heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. Because your body repairs and replenishes itself while you are sleeping, lack of sleep affects how every organ in your body works, including your heart. Sleep debt can also affect your mental wellness; contributing to depression, forgetfulness, impaired judgement, slow reaction time and even your sex drive.

The good news is, there are treatments for sleep disturbances. GMHC offers testing for sleep disturbances in our accredited sleep facility or in your home.

Do you snore? Are you excessively tired during the day? Has anyone ever said you stop breathing while asleep? Are you being treated for high blood pressure or irregular heart rhythms? Are you overweight? Your lack of sleep may be affecting your overall wellness! These are all good reasons to talk to your primary care provider about sleep testing at GMHC.


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