Head-to-Toe Well Child Visits

Healthcare providers play a critical role in monitoring children’s growth and development and identifying problems as early as possible.

At Cornerstone Family Practice, our goal is to develop an ongoing relationship with our young patients so we can treat the whole child with coordinated care.

All children should be screened during well-child visits at scheduled intervals if there are no concerns.


Dr. Andy Smith, Cornerstone Family Practice Physician

A complete history during the well-child visit includes information about birth history; prior and current screenings; diet; sleep; dental care; and medical, surgical, family, and social histories. A head-to-toe examination is performed, including a review of growth and development. Immunizations are reviewed and updated as appropriate.

Well-child visits provide the opportunity to answer parents’ or caregivers’ questions and to provide age-appropriate guidance. Parents who are aware of developmental milestones can observe their child and inform their healthcare provider about any concerns they may have about their child’s development.

Well-child visits are scheduled periodically through early adulthood providing opportunities for healthcare providers to screen for medical problems (including psychosocial concerns), to provide anticipatory guidance, and to promote good health.​


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