Pediatric Developmental Screenings

Wondering if your child’s development is on track? 

Make an appointment for a free developmental screening.  

GMHC’s therapy staff will provide free, quick developmental screenings for children, ages 1-6 years old, and share valuable resources for parents curious about early childhood development.

Each screening will take 20-30 minutes and will include an interactive questionnaire and conversation between guardian(s), child and staff.

Areas of focus include:

Speech Therapy:
Speech Sounds, Early Language, Social Skills, Play Skills, Feeding/Swallowing

Physical Therapy: 
Walking, Running, Coordination, Posture

Occupational Therapy:
Finger-Grip Coordination, Hand-Eye Coordination, Hand Strength

Screening dates are Wednesday, Sept. 18 from 8am to 11am or Tuesday, Sept. 24 from 3pm to 6pm. Please call 563-252-1121 to schedule your free appointment.