National EMS Week

This week we celebrate National EMS Week. Do you know a first responder, EMT or paramedic? Tell them how much you appreciate what they do!

Did you know…

1. EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services. An EMS system involves the public, pre-hospital EMS staff (first responders, EMTs, Advanced EMTs and Paramedics); emergency department staff and all of the departments of a hospital.

2. The modern EMS system only started in the 1960s.

3. Training of EMS providers were limited in the 1960s with many only having perhaps standard first aid and maybe CPR training if anything.

4. In the early years a ride in the ambulance might have been considered a taxi ride but not today! Ambulances today have sophisticated equipment and medications to start your care as soon as they arrive at your side.

5. Today pre-hospital EMS staff may fill volunteer or career positions but all are professional health care providers with the same education, training and certifications.

6. Guttenberg EMS has a combination of career and on-call staff. The paramedics and some of the EMTs work in the emergency room at GMH when they are not on a call.

7. EMS is your entry point into healthcare when you have a medical emergency or injury. Make the right choice; don’t drive; call 911.

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